2022 GMC Acadia

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  • Overview

    A silver 2022 GMC Acadia Denali is angled left.

    Once in a while, there comes a vehicle that marries all of the best features of several body types in one unique car that breaks the mold for what we think a car should be. It’s a car that won’t be put in any one single box and is made for the driver needing something a little different. The 2022 GMC Acadia is such a vehicle.

    Those looking for the strength of a truck with the comforts of an SUV can find what they’re looking for in this vehicle. Those needing the capabilities and functionality of a minivan who simply don’t want to drive a minivan can find the perfect hybrid of family-friendly and fun features in this SUV. And those needing the passenger space offered by an SUV, without the underwhelming mileage offered by most, can appreciate the estimated 22 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway offered by this beauty.

    With this 2022 GMC Acadia, GMC proves that you don’t have to be just a minivan person or a truck person or an SUV person. You can be a little bit of each, and you can choose to do so in a variety of trims with the SLE & SLT, the AT4, and the Denali. Higher trims can offer luxuries like stronger engines, larger wheels, and added safety features. And there are several colors to choose from, along with fun packages to add. However, there are plenty of impressive features that come standard across all trims. It certainly brings the durability and comfort GMC is known for but might surprise you with some new luxury features. Let’s take a look inside and see what this car has to offer prospective buyers.


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  • Technology

    A white 2022 GMC Acadia AT4 is shown driving on a dusty dirt trail.

    Technology That Will Help You Keep the Peace

    When looking at SUVs and cars made for long trips, having technology that keeps you entertained and connected is a must. Drivers have come to expect certain capabilities and features in new vehicles. The GMC immediately impresses in the technology and infotainment departments. Thanks to multiple USB ports, there won’t be any fighting among passengers over who gets to charge their iPad or smartphone next. Everybody can stay juiced up for long car rides, which is ideal for parents who need a way to keep young ones entertained on road trips – or even for adult passengers who need to work on the road.

    Another thing that will come in handy on those long rides is the available Wi-Fi hotspot. For some, disconnecting for long periods of time simply isn’t an option, and the available Wi-Fi in this car means it doesn’t have to be. Keep up with emails and important updates in this car without issue, or use it for all-important GPS apps when traversing new territories on road trips.

    Some other great features include both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. No matter which one of these major smartphones you use, you can stay connected to all your favorite apps in the 2022 GMC Acadia – just connect your phone and find them loaded up in the multicolor, 8-inch, easy-to-navigate infotainment screen. The car also boasts built-in Alexa, which means you can take calls, check the weather, connect with smart home devices, get the news, and more, all from your car. Let’s not overlook the 8-speaker Bose sound system, pumping out incredible surround sound for everything from your podcasts to your favorite music. Even backseat passengers will enjoy the crisp sound. It’s almost like having all of the comforts and technology of your office in your vehicle.

  • Safety

    A red 2022 GMC Acadia SLT is shown from the rear parked in a driveway.

    Get a Little Bit of Driving Assistance From Your Vehicle

    Driver assistance technologies are becoming more advanced and more competitive across the board. But don’t worry – GMC is keeping up and even outrunning some others. The 2022 Acadia offers adaptive cruise control, which lets the driver select a preferred distance to keep between themselves and other cars. When that gap becomes too small, the car automatically adjusts the speed to get back on track. It also has a safety alert seat feature, which produces vibrations on all sides of the car to alert you to pending collisions.

    Parents of teenagers will appreciate the teen driver feature, which lets you limit certain features while teens are driving to minimize distractions. Speaking of distractions, a head-up display puts important driver info within the driver’s natural line of sight, so they don’t need to take their eyes off the road to get that data. Circling back to the teen driver features, it even has a built-in report card so you can get real updates about your teen’s driving habits and know when it’s time to talk to them about safer behaviors on the road.

    If you’re the kind of person who sometimes forgets things in your car, then you’ll love the rear seat reminder on this vehicle. When you shut off the vehicle, the rear seat reminder sets off audio and visual alerts, reminding you to check the backseat for valuables or people before exiting your vehicle. Anyone who travels with pricey equipment or who has forgotten to grab the groceries one time too many can benefit from this advanced safety feature. It’s easy to see that GMC thought about nearly everything in designing their driver assist features for this model.

  • Interior

    The grey and black interior of a 2022 GMC Acadia shows the center console.

    Passenger Comfort and Storage Are Prioritized

    The 2022 GMC Acadia is, at its core, an SUV, which means it was built for passenger comfort that holds up after many hours on the road. This model is available with seating for six or seven passengers, so it’s ready for that big family road trip, even if the kids want to bring some friends. And there won’t be fights over “the good seats” because all rows boast roomy seats. It has a Smart Slide second row, too, for easy access to the third row – no more climbing over headrests or cramming between tight spots to get back there. And with tri-zone climate controls, you can ensure everyone is at a comfortable temperature, no matter where they’re sitting. It’s certainly built to ensure that every passenger is happy with whichever seat they get.

    Storage is obviously a main point of discussion on any SUV, and the 2022 GMC Acadia doesn’t disappoint here. Whether you need to cart the kids and all of their sports gear around or are packing up for a cross-country trip, this is the car to do it in. Its third row has 50/50 split seats, and both the second and third rows fold flat, giving you a myriad of options for creating extra storage space. All in all, it offers a maximum of 79 cubic feet of storage area, so it’s ready for plenty of suitcases, coolers, sports gear – you name it. It also has a large pass-through under-console storage area for additional but unobtrusive storage and a second-row storage drawer in the back of the center console. It’s certainly rich with compartments for everyone to stash all of their creature comforts for a road trip.

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