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When you need a new or used car, visit us at Williams Buick GMC, your oldest and number one South Carolina GMC dealer. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new model or an affordable used model, we can help. The GMC lineup is filled with professional-grade trucks and SUVs that offer an unmatched combination of capability and luxury. With so many great models to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect fit––especially with our talented team by your side to answer all of your questions and demonstrate each model’s unique features. We won’t rest until you find the right GMC to drive home.

We know that life gets busy, but we also know that everyone needs a reliable vehicle to drive. That’s why accessibility is one of our number one concerns for our customers. We are also very concerned about long-term protection, proper servicing, and vehicle quality. That is why we maintain a certified service center that can handle everything from regular maintenance to unscheduled repairs promptly and at a competitive price. We offer more than a new car––we provide a complete car-ownership experience. Visiting Williams Buick GMC is a decision you won’t regret.

A white 2021 GMC Colorado is shown from the front after leaving a South Carolina GMC dealer.

The GMC Legacy

When it comes to hard-working trucks and SUVs, it is hard not to think of GMC. It all began in 1911 when General Motors merged two of its recent acquisitions, the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the Reliance Motor Car Company, to create a new commercial truck division: GMC. Since those early days, GMC has been a maker of professional-grade vehicles that has lived up to its name and heritage as a reliable premium brand. Whether you're driving your GMC truck to the job site or your GMC SUV on a weekend adventure, you'll feel comfortable and confident in any model.

At Williams Buick GMC, we enjoy showing our customers the value of a GMC model. No matter if you're looking for a dependable used GMC with many miles of life left or a fresh, brand-new GMC with the latest and greatest features, one of these high-quality vehicles is a great investment. We pride ourselves in helping you make the very best choices that perfectly fit your truck buying needs.

There's no doubt that when you search for a GMC dealer, you're on the prowl for power. Whether you're looking for a truck or an SUV, GMC offers some of the most powerful yet aesthetically appealing models on the market. Since its beginning in 1911, GMC has been around the block, and while the brand is best known for its trucks, its SUVs are powerful as well, offering more space for multiple passengers while maintaining towing capacity. This is especially true for the GMC Yukon, an SUV model that seats up to nine passengers yet can tow as much as a half-ton truck.

Smaller trucks and SUVs like the Canyon and the Terrain are available for casual drivers. However, the powerful Sierra HD is one of the strongest available trucks on the market. Farmers and heavy equipment operators buy trucks like the Sierra HD to tackle jobs most vehicles couldn't touch.

Many people wonder what the differences between Chevy and GMC are, and the main answer lies in their quality. While both brands share many platforms and technologies, GMC models are designed to be more luxurious with more features, whereas Chevy models have an overall simple and plain design. Additionally, GMC offers special trims like the Denali and AT4 that don't compare with Chevy's options. When you want both power and luxury, GMC is the model to choose.

Whether you opt for the affordable value of a used GMC or the perks and options of a newer model, a GMC is a special purchase you'll be glad you made every day you drive it. Here are some particularly popular models to consider as you start your search.

A white 2022 GMC Acadia SLE is shown parked in front of a wooden building.

2022 GMC Acadia

The latest Acadia is a well-appointed midsize SUV with several trim options, including the luxurious Denali and the rugged AT4. The 2022 Acadia comes with a comprehensive safety package standard in all of its trims, so you and your passengers will ride with the confidence that this SUV will help keep you out of harm's way. If you want to play it cool, the Elevation Edition has a more blacked-out look with wheels, emblems, mirror caps, grille, and tires all sleek black.

The Acadia's interior has three rows of seating so seven passengers can travel in style and comfort. The second row of seats can slide and adjust so you can optimize the space to your specific purpose for your particular travel plans. The 2022Acadia is also roomy. There is ample storage space, including 79 cubic feet of cargo space, a second-row storage drawer, and ample under-floor storage. No matter what stuff your family wants to bring, you can store it in the Acadia.

2022 GMC Terrain

The 2022 Terrain is the little sibling of the Acadia. It too has a range of options, including an Elevation Edition, an AT4 trim, and a Denali trim. The compact Terrain comes with a multitude of features at an affordable price, making it a great value purchase for a premium SUV.

The Terrain is comfortable, and its rear seating is configurable to offer more cargo room. The technology features are modern and user-friendly, incorporating easy-to-understand prompts and graphics. The model also features many great connectivity features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to keep the driver and their passengers fully connected while on the road.

For 2022, the Terrain comes equipped with comprehensive standard safety features so everyone can feel blanketed in technology designed to avoid collisions. These features include standard Automatic Emergency Braking that can detect pedestrians, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning to prevent the vehicle from drifting into other lanes of traffic, and more.

2022 GMC Canyon

The most recent GMC Canyon model is a capable midsize truck with off-roading capabilities and efficient tow capacity ratings. While all 2022 Canyons are technically off-road-capable, you can purchase the AT4 trim for an off-road-specific setup. While it’s smaller than the Sierra, the Canyon can still tow up to 7,700 pounds. This model also comes in three different engine options, including a 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel I-4.

In addition to capability, the Canyon includes several safety features for the highway. These include standard Teen Driver Mode across all trims and available features such as Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and Rear Park Assist. You can also add an HD backup camera that works at low speeds to help you navigate parking and hook up your trailer.

Despite its smaller size, the Canyon offers a great setup for hauling as well. Its payload capacity maxes out at 1,570 pounds, and it comes with an available spray-on bed liner and an EZ-Lift and Lower Tailgate with locking/unlocking functionality. This is a great model if you want basic truck functionality on a lower budget.

2022 GMC Yukon / Yukon XL

The 2022 Yukon is a spacious and capable full-size SUV. The XL version offers the same style and design, plus additional cargo capacity. All 2022 Yukon models offer third-row seating, a power-sliding console, and plentiful legroom. While some people still choose minivans over a full-size SUVs due to accessibility purposes, the Yukon offers plenty of available accessibility features, such as power retractable-assist steps and a hands-free power liftgate.

On a budget? You’ll still get plenty of great features on the SLE/SLT base-level trims. Drivers get a standard 10.2-inch diagonal infotainment touchscreen, seating for up to 9 passengers, and a max 8,400-pound tow capacity. It’s also possible to upgrade these base models with available tech features, such as High-Definition Surround Vision. The SLT even offers an available panoramic sunroof add-on.

When it’s time to take the family off-pavement, the Yukon’s off-roading capabilities will not let you down. This model includes a Traction Select System that includes Sport Mode, Off-Road Mode, and Tow/Haul Mode. It also comes with an available Trailer ProGrade System that houses helpful towing technologies. The available AT4 trim comes with additional off-roading features, such as standard tow hooks, an Active Response 4WD System, and additional ground clearance thanks to adaptive air ride suspension.

A black 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 is shown off-roading in the woods.

2022 GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra 1500 is part of the full-size pickup market and has fully been refreshed for the 2022 model year. The Sierra is all about power and durability, and it is ready for a workout with its powerful V8 and turbo-diesel engine options. The available 6.2L V8, in particular, will maximize the Sierra's ability to tow and trailer for work or play. Overall, Sierra is a durable yet comfortable ride that'll be sure to please.

A solid truck like the Sierra can appeal to any buyer. For the budget-sensitive driver, the base model will give you a high-output turbocharged engine with 348 lb-ft of torque and over 9,000 pounds of maximum towing capacity. If you want the ultimate machine in the Sierra lineup, go with the Denali trim, and you'll be riding in style. A new AT4X option has also been added for 2022 and has features and functions designed for more rugged activities and adventures.

2022 GMC Sierra HD (2500 and 3500)

Leave the heavy lifting to the GMC Sierra HD. This truck comes in a 2500 HD and 3500 HD option. Drivers can tow as much as 18,510 pounds with the 2500, while the 3500 model can tow 36,000 with the 6.6-liter diesel V8 engine. Both models include high payload capacities as well, but the 3500s is best for truck bed campers and other heavy-duty objects. The 2022 Sierra 3500’s max payload capacity is 7,442 pounds with gasoline and 6,523 pounds with the diesel engine.

Designed for labor, the new Sierra HD includes a six-function MultiPro Tailgate with load stops, a full-width step, an inner gate work surface, and more. In addition to its tailgate functionality, one of the Sierra HD’s most beneficial features is its trailing technologies. Drivers get up to 15 different camera views, including a transparent trailer view and an inside trailer view. It’s also possible to activate the In-Vehicle Trailering App, which provides access to custom trailer profiles, trailer light and brake tests, and much more.

Best of all, the 2022 Sierra HD offers best-in-class cargo capacity, offering up to 83.5 cubic feet of long bed space and a 69.6 cubic feet short bed rating. The most recent Sierra HD model is flexible in design, offering regular cab, double cab, and crew cab options with a best-in-class crew cab passenger space rating. Whether you’re farming or towing a camper, the Sierra HD is the best GMC option.

A red 2022 GMC Sierra AT4X is shown driving on a rocky trail.

The 2022 AT4 Trims

GMC’s AT4 trim is designed specifically for off-roaders. This trim is available on the 2022 Canyon, Sierra, Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon models. Some of these model/trim combinations are better at off-roading than others. For example, the Canyon is the best all-around off-roading AT4 trim due to its size and suspension; however, if you want a practical vehicle that can head off the pavement when needed, GMC’s other AT4 models are worth checking out.

Let’s start with the 2022 Canyon AT4. Buyers get standard 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, an off-road suspension package, and Advanced Hill Descent Control. Advanced Hill Descent Control works even better than traditional Hill Descent technologies, holding the Canyon back, even on unstable declines. Dealing with slippery terrain? The Canyon AT4 is the only AT4 model with an automatic rear-locking differential to help handle the toughest roadways (and off-roadways).

Both the Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD models include the AT4 package. While these trucks are designed more with towing in mind, the AT4 trim perk makes the Silverado an off-road-capable model. This package adds Mud Terrain Goodyear tires, off-road suspension and shocks, traction selection with off-road mode, and much more. Underbody skid plates and additional ground clearance are also included on these models.

The 2022 Terrain AT4 can tow up to 1,500 pounds. It includes an available AWD Traction Select System that offers FWD, AWD, and Off-Road modes. It also includes Hill Descent Control, which helps hold the Terrain back during inclines. This helps to prevent long-term brake wear while also making the decline less anxiety-provoking.

If you need something with a little more power, consider the 2022 Acadia AT4. This model can tow as much as 4,000 pounds, plus it includes a standard Traction Select System and Active Torque Control AWD. Put simply; the Terrain AT4 can detect where torque is needed when off-roading. Since you’ll be towing more with this model, it comes with the available Hitch Guidance and Hitch View features as well.

The 2022 AT4 Yukon is the most powerful AT4 SUV option. It can tow up to 8,200 pounds, and its Active Response 4WD System makes it easier to combat muddy roads and poor weather conditions. Better yet, since the Yukon can seat as many as eight passengers, the 2022 Yukon AT4 is the perfect model for outdoor family adventures. You can tackle many adverse terrains thanks to this model’s 32-degree approach angle.

The 2022 Denali Trims

If you’re less enthused with off-roading, and more about commuting and family-friendly technologies, then GMC’s Denali trims are for you. The 2022 Canyon, Sierra, Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon models are all available in the Denali trim. Each model offers its own unique perks, but overall, you’ll find that the Sierra truck and Yukon SUV offer the most high-quality Denali features. That said, just because it’s fancier doesn’t mean it’s less productive. You can still utilize towing and capability features with the Denali model.

Popular Denali features include front bucket seating, chrome accents, Denali badging, Bose Premium Sound Systems, and Adaptive Ride Control for a smoother ride. There are also more standard safety features with the Denali trim, such as Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and more.

There are a few features you can only get on the Denali. For example, GMC’s Super Cruise Hands-Free Driving technology is only available on the 2022 Sierra Denali. This new hands-free driving feature can use LiDar map data and sensors on over 200,000 miles of roadways to do the driving for you. A Driver Attention feature is in place to keep you alert during this process, but otherwise, you can trust Super Cruise to do the driving. All of these unique and upscale features make the Denali perfect for people who value comfort and luxury.

A blue 2021 GMC Yukon is driving on a road through dense trees.

Modern Benefits to New GMC Trucks and SUVs

A new GMC is like no other vehicle you'll ever buy or lease. At Williams Buick GMC, we will have the specific options you want in your new GMC truck or SUV, but also the packages for the specific model you're looking for as well. Even if it's not in our inventory, we have a vast network and will get it for you with no worries at all. If you want to be the first owner and you know you're going to ask your GMC for all it's got to give, there is nothing like a brand new one. The durability and useful life of a new GMC are second to none.

If you are a discerning car shopper, GMC trucks and SUVs are well-equipped with the most future-forward features. The latest models include the most modern safety features available to keep you and your family out of harm's way––there is even Super Cruise hands-free driving available on select models! If you want to keep your digital life connected while you're driving your GMC, the current models will have the most modern technology to synchronize smartphones, power up WiFi, and enable Bluetooth. The touchscreen infotainment systems also continue to get bigger and better each year to make your driving experience ultra-user-friendly.

You'll also get some added perks with a new GMC. First, you'll receive comprehensive, long-lasting warranty and maintenance programs on new vehicles. Second, more financing options will be available, including special loan and lease terms. You'll also get our team of experts that help you focus on getting the specific performance, safety, and design features that will perfectly fit your lifestyle and needs like a glove.

Hidden Values in Used GMCs

If you are on a tight budget but still want to own one of the very best brands on the market, a used GMC should be on your radar. You could save 50% or more by opting for a used GMC truck or SUV over a brand-new model. Another value in a used GMC is the data behind each one. Every used model that we sell here at Williams Buick GMC comes with a free CARFAX vehicle history report posted on our website so you can transparently understand the maintenance record of the vehicle.

GMC trucks and SUVs are known for their long-term durability and reliability, but you should never need to take a risk when buying used. Shopping at Williams Buick GMC means that your used vehicle has been inspected and, when needed, reconditioned by our skilled technicians. All of these quality assurance factors will give you confidence and comfort in the performance and reliability of the vehicle you're taking off our lot. We want to make your car-shopping experience a success, whether you buy used or new.

Benefits of Shopping at Our Dealership

Here at Williams Buick GMC, we believe South Carolina drivers deserve a dealership that looks out for them. A dealership that not only offers a large inventory of the best new and used vehicles around but also helps create a better buying experience with a friendly team, convenient shopping options, and more. For the past 80 years, we have been delivering on that idea and have the rewards and reputation to prove it––including being named a GMC Dealer of the Year in 2019 and a Buick Dealer of the Year in 2020. From start to finish, we put you first.

Conveniently located in southern Charlotte, we are less than 4 miles from the South Carolina border, making our dealership easy to reach from the Palmetto State. If you have never purchased a vehicle from across state lines before, don’t worry––we have tons of customers who travel to us from across the South East and will make sure your shopping experience is 100% hassle-free. We even have options that will allow you to complete almost all of the shopping process online, so you don’t have to travel to us until it is time to collect your new vehicle!

A service technician is checking a red 2018 GMC Acadia in a white garage.

Warranty Coverage Offerings

One of our main benefits is our variety of coverage options. First and foremost, we offer GAP coverage. We never want to pressure customers into buying anything they don’t need. However, we highly encourage our customers to purchase GAP coverage, which is why we offer it to every buyer. This is especially important if you’re just getting your credit established and you have a higher interest rate. GAP coverage covers the amount that your vehicle depreciates. Essentially, if you get into an accident and your car is totaled two years after you drive it off our lot, this insurance covers what your regular car insurance won’t—the gap between your loan amount and your car’s current worth. You can purchase GAP insurance directly through GMC, ensuring that you get the best deal available.

We also offer some aesthetic protection plans, such as Tire and Wheel Protection, and Appearance Guard. The Tire and Wheel Protection feature comes in three different levels. The highest level is our Plus plan which includes tire repair and replacement, wheel damage, cosmetic wheel damage, and roadside assistance. The only thing that our standard package doesn’t offer is cosmetic wheel damage repair. The good news is that this package is available on both new and used models, and it covers pothole damage, nails and glass damage, and damage from tree limbs. The Appearance Guard plan covers small windshield cracks and vehicle body dents, along with interior fabric rips and even key fob protection. Losing keys doesn’t mean what it used to. Key fobs can be expensive to replace, so this is a coverage that’s well worth your money.

Finally, the Pre-Paid Maintenance protection program is handy if you don’t want to worry about your routine maintenance costs upfront. Plus, it’s also a great way to keep up with your services. You can either pick our regular Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan that covers oil changes and tire rotations or our Pre-Paid Maintenance Plus, which includes spark plugs, transmission and transfer case fluids, and air filters. These service options can help lengthen your GMC’s lifespan, and our factory parts will provide you with the safest repairs and services in South Carolina.

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