Why We Adore the Tech of the Buick Encore!

May 12th, 2023 by

A black 2022 Buick Encore parked on a city street in front of a palm trees

Are you searching for a Buick Encore for sale? We don’t blame you; there is a lot to love when it comes to the Buick SUV, even when it’s used. Discontinued after the 2022 model year, this subcompact, sporty crossover is eye-catching, to say the least, but its great features don’t stop at the door. The wealth of soft-to-touch materials that adorn the cabin, in addition to advanced, easy-to-use tech, make the Encore noteworthy in more than one way.

The Buick Encore is the perfect affordable option for drivers that want to add a little luxury to their drive without hurting their wallet. We love that the Encore offers high-end quality at an affordable price. From the get-go, it’s clear that the Encore was built for life and is more than just another pretty face. Drivers will enjoy a zippy ride combined with the convenience of the Encore’s small silhouette, which makes it ideal for urban driving where parking can be limited, and traffic can be congested. The crossover packs a lot of punch despite its petite size.

Who’s the ideal audience for the Encore? Anyone that is looking for an upmarket bite-size SUV. Young drivers, commuters, and small families will enjoy the luxury the Encore brings along with its many convenience, performance, and tech features. Do you want a compact SUV that makes a big statement? The Encore is bursting with the best that Buick has to offer. Frankly, we’re surprised they were able to pack so many premium features into such a bite-size package. Drivers that are thinking about getting behind the wheel of a new Encore might be interested to learn the full extent of what Buick’s compact crossover has to offer in the way of premium features. Keep reading to learn all about the Encore’s wide range of features that range from noteworthy to downright impressive.

Modern Styling Under Control

Inside and out, the second-generation Encore features a fun yet sophisticated style that shows Buick has really upped their game when it comes to detailing and creating a cohesive, stand-out design. Onlookers can’t help but stare at the compact crossover’s sleek contouring, classic Buick grille design, and tinted windows that give the Buick an air of mystery without appearing snobby. It’s a small vehicle that feels big thanks to the airy cabin with leather upholstery that boasts a streamlined dash that is uncluttered and conveniently located to make driving and staying connected hassle-free.

While some people don’t see the Encore’s small design as a positive feature, we can’t help but see all the possibilities it offers. One of the most obvious comes in the form of parking. Larger SUVs, trucks, and vans often can’t fit into those tight parking spaces on narrow side streets, and how frustrating is it when a close parking spot opens up, and you see the vehicle next to it has parked over the line, leaving a small space you just can’t fit? However, the Encore can. The Encore’s responsive steering makes maneuvering and getting in and out of tight spots a breeze.

The Encore is sure to appeal to urban drivers that want that flexibility of parking and navigating narrow or cramped spaces. The Encore is easy and smooth to drive, making the control and handling of the vehicle one of its best features. While it’s sleek styling, rich color hues, and metallic accents make it a showstopper whether in motion or standing still.

The black and white interior of a 2022 Buick Encore

Bigger Than You Think

As we said before, the compact crossover feels bigger than you’d think, thanks to Buick’s eye for design. The careful creation of the Encore means that every inch of space is utilized to deliver optimum flexibility and convenience for drivers. Drivers and passengers get generous head and legroom without the second row feeling cramped. The ability to fold the second-row seats flat so that you can use the Encore’s 48.4 cu.ft. of cargo space means that you’ll have no problem loading whatever you need. From groceries to luggage to gear for fun in the sun, the Encore delivers the convenience you want from a car.

Tech for Everyday Convenience

One of the great things about the Encore is that it comes with little conveniences you didn’t even know you wanted or needed. But trust us, once you get a feel for a little luxury, it can quickly grow on you.

Where’s your key fob? In Your pocket? Purse? Gym bag? That’s fine; leave it there! The Encore features keyless entry with the ease of a push-button starting so you can say goodbye to rummaging around in your purse for your keys or shuffling the bags in your hand trying to lock the door. Drivers also have the option of adding Remote Access to their MyBuick App so that they have quick, easy access that lets them remotely lock/unlock and even start/stop the engine, all with the quick tap of a button. The MyBuick App adds an extra level of ease thanks to its number of helpful features that helps drivers keep an eye on their vehicle’s levels, check tire pressure, plus get real-time diagnostics when they want them for extra peace of mind anytime.

The Encore doesn’t stop there, either! On the inside driver will quickly notice the quiet calm of the cabin. This is thanks to the SUV’s QuietTuning feature that includes triple door seals combined with a windshield composed of acoustic laminated glass. Together the two features help keep out and absorb noise, making it easier to enjoy your favorite music or have a conversation with passengers without the constant hum of the road outside.

A black 2022 Buick Encore parked in front of a storefront with hanging flowers

Speaking of Technology…

Speaking of tech, the second-generation Encore offers an abundance of features that make staying connected simple. The standard eight-inch touchscreen features Buick’s Infotainment system, complete with the choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. All drivers have to do is sync their compatible smartphone with either to enjoy personalized playlists, hands-free messaging, and turn-by-turn navigation, all without taking their concentration or their eyes off the road.

The Encore keeps its passengers in mind, giving the option for a Wi-Fi hotspot that offers a reliable, stable connection with the ability to support up to seven devices at a time. Whether your passengers want a little entertainment or have to get some work done, staying connected is effortless in the Encore.

Tech isn’t all just fun and games, though. While it can add extra convenience to your life, it can also enhance your vehicle’s performance and give you extra safety when you’re on the road. The Encore’s StabiliTrak feature gives you increased traction and grip on the road to help you stay in control when you have to tackle slippery or wet road conditions.

As for safety, the Encore’s wealth of advanced driver assist and emergency features has you covered from all sides. Onstar Safety and Security features Automatic Crash Response plus Emergency Services and Roadside Assistance. While the vehicle’s Rear Vision Camera gives you the ability to clearly see what is going on behind you. Additional features like Side Blind and Rear Cross Traffic Alerts are all designed to keep you and the drivers you share the road with safe.

So Many Features Such a Little Vehicle

We’re impressed with all the Encore has to offer, from stellar design and attention-grabbing colors to a modern and high-end cabin that remains user-friendly and flexible. The Encore is a crossover that offers a lot without having to be flashy about it. It’s understated and elegant but offers a peppy drive that makes everyday errands or commuting a little more fun. Drivers will enjoy the abundance of convenience features that range from keyless entry to remote start., while the everyday ease of connecting your smartphone means that you can quickly custom-tailor your drive experience to meet your needs, and let’s not forget about the safety and driver assist features that take the headache out of parking and navigating busy roads or slippery streets.

There are many reasons to adore the Encore; it’s impossible to choose just one. So what other choice is there but to pick one up and simply enjoy the ride? Looking for something to love? The Encore has plenty of first-class features to go around. Advanced tech and a keen eye for design have made the Encore more than ready to meet the challenges of the road head-on.