Explore the Trim Options for the 2023 GMC Sierra 1500!

June 9th, 2023 by

A grey 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV off-roading up a steep rocky hill

If you’ve been looking for GMC trucks near Gastonia, then you have found the dealership that will resolve all of your worries. We’re proud of how well we’ve served the Gastonia area, making certain that customers feel as if they are part of our family. We’re excited to make you feel just the same by offering the best trims of the GMC Sierra 1500. When you’re traveling around beautiful North Carolina, for pleasure or for work, then you deserve to be in the best truck you can find. North Carolina has gorgeous natural settings that you can head out into when you have a truck you trust. We aim to put you in one.

The GMC Sierra comes in many trims, each with its own set of excellent features. For those unsure of what the term means, a trim is an upgraded version of a car or truck’s standard model. Each trim has different accessories that allow the buyer to select one that best matches their lifestyle.

The Sierra 1500 Story

The GMC Sierra has a long and storied history of excellence, one that goes all the way back to the 1980s, when it first hit the market—other than a couple of years around the turn of the millennium, each new year brought a new GMC Sierra model along with a series of trims so that customers could customize their trucks. Versatility has long been a hallmark of not just the GMC brand but of the Sierra specifically, which is one reason why it’s won award after award over the decades.

In 2019, the GMC Sierra entered its current generation, the fourth, which has proven to be just as customizable and effective. Let’s take a look at the 2023 model and see what trims it has on offer for pickup drivers.

The Pro and SLE Advantage

The trims start with the Pro, which is the base model, and the SLE. While they’re the two starting trims, this shouldn’t confuse you into thinking they’re somehow unexciting. Both of these trims have a lot of features to offer any truck driver.

One of our favorite features, one that is available on the Pro and standard on the SLE, is the six-function MultiPro Tailgate. The MultiPro Tailgate can function like a traditional tailgate but has the added benefit of being opened/closed with the push of a button on the keyfob or instrumental panel. Its second function is a primary gate load stop. This is a panel within the inner gate that be opened and folded upright to become a barrier for items in the bed. Part of the tailgate can be dropped to allow you to stand closer to the bed of the truck. When you drop part of the tailgate, you can take it a step further by opening the inner gate to create a step to help you get in and out of the bed a bit easier. The MultiPro Tailgate is a perfect addition for any drivers planning to use their Sierra 1500 for labor.

The Pro and SLE come standard with a 2.7L high-output engine. With this powerful piece of machinery, your Sierra 1500 can promise 310 horsepower and an eye-popping 430 lb-ft of torque. With these specifications, you can rest assured that your acceleration won’t be a problem when you’re taking off, even if you’re towing a hefty trailer. Plus, riding at a fast speed won’t feel uncomfortable as this engine is almost indestructible. Any concerns about a bumpy ride can go out the window. There’s also an available 5.3L V8 gas engine; for the SLE, this engine can be switched with a 3.0L Duramax Turbo Diesel engine, which is great for anyone who wants a little more power.

The SLE provides some interior upgrades, too. Your touchscreen expands to 13.4 inches so that it’s easy to operate while driving. The Diagonal Driver Information Center also grows, reaching 12.3 inches on the SLE (the Pro has a 3.5-inch display). You will easily be able to keep track of your Sierra 1500 with this center at your fingertips. These two trims are great for drivers who see a lot of labor in their future. The aggressive engines, combined with the diesel option, will make the Sierra 1500 one of the most formidable trucks on the road.

A close up of the Elevation badge on a red 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation.

Upgrading to the Elevation and SLT

Don’t worry; we won’t be making “elevating” puns about the Elevation, although they wouldn’t be out of place considering its quality. The Elevation and SLT represent yet another step up among GMC Sierra trims. If the Pro and SLE aimed for a bit more aggression, the Elevation and the SLT add more luxury to your truck. The Elevation comes with available heated front leather-appointed buckle seats. The leather makes the seats not just comfortable to sink into but it also makes them easy to heat if you want to have some warmth for a cold morning drive. The comfort in the Elevation does not stop there: it offers best-in-class crew cab legroom. Too many trucks have to sacrifice space for their beds. Not so with the Elevation, where even your back passengers will be sitting in comfort. To add a little luxury to the outside, the Elevation also arrives with a monochromatic exterior. It allows you to stand out wherever you go, thanks to the shiny, bold look of your Elevation.

The SLT features the same gas engine and diesel mix that the SLE does, but the SLT throws in one more exciting engine option: the 6.2L V8 Gas Engine with 10-speed automatic transmission. If you want a truck with great fuel efficiency, then the 10-speed transmission, which is incredibly efficient at managing the engine over different terrain, will be a great buy.

The luxury continues with the SLT, though, as it builds on the Elevation’s interior touches. The SLT will have you sitting in optional 10-way power-adjustable seats (don’t worry: they’re still heated!) so that you can drive in comfort, no matter your size. The seating perks do not just stop there: they’re also ventilated, which can give you relief if the car feels stuffy when you first get in. Once you have ventilated seats, you’ll realize how much luxury you were missing out on beforehand. Long drives will never have felt so good.

Sibling Trims: The AT4 and the AT4X

Once you start to consider the AT4 and the AT4X, you’re looking at some seriously aggressive off-roading trucks. Both have innovative tech that will make off-roading a cinch. The AT4 has a 2-in factory lift suspension that’s designed for off-roading. This will keep your truck steady even when the ground isn’t. The AT4X comes with Multimatic DSSV Spool Valve Dampers. Translation? Your truck will get far better traction and braking distance if you’re handling a difficult, rocky trip. Anyone off-roading should give that serious consideration. The AT4X has one more gift for the off-roader: 18-inch gloss black aluminum wheels with an AEV center cap.

While these trims improve the truck’s power to offroad, they do not forget to add some extra excitement to the interior. The AT4 transforms the interior to jet black coloring with perforated leather seats. The AT4X takes the 10-way power-adjustable seats from the SLT and turns them into 16-way power-adjustable seats. Comfort becomes king with those. Toss in full-grain leather seats with authentic Vanta Ash Wood, and you might as well be flying first class. Well, not really: the AT4X ride is even better than first class.

The Cream of the Crop: Denali & Denali Ultimate

The Denali and Denali Ultimate are simply unbeatable trucks. You won’t just awe other drivers; you’ll leave them filled with envy. With a Denali trim, you’ll be given the best bed in the business. No other trucks from any other manufacturer can compare. Depending on the bed you go with in your Denali, you can have over 70 cu.ft. of space. Thanks to the tailgate system, the bed will be easy to operate, and you’ll have no problem using every square inch of it.

The 6.2L V8 gas engine on the Denali is a powerful, fuel-efficient beauty. It can rocket you down any highway, backstreet, or dirt road thanks to its 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque.

Amazing power does not mean style and entertainment go by the wayside. Take the upgrades from previous trims and toss in a 12-speaker Bose system with surround sound and a 15-inch diagonal heads-up display. The interior craftsmanship is at its absolute finest. You’ll have options for authentic open-pore wood and forge-perforated leather seating. Remember those 16-way power-adjustable seats? Now they can have a massage function, too. When you opt for one of the Denali trims, you’re opting for unbeatable power and indescribable luxury.

A black 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali driving on a small road near a lake.

Find Your Sierra 1500 at Williams Buick GMC

We’re happy to walk you through the different 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 trims so you can find the one that best matches your driving lifestyle and your budget. Whether you’re ff-roading for pleasure or hauling for work, we’re more than happy to spend time with you to make sure your Sierra 1500 makes your life far easier and far more enjoyable. Come by and find the truck that’ll change your life.